UV-C Disinfection: Things You Should Know

17 December 2021

Disinfection against Viruses is inevitable for a business or commercial enterprise to ensure safety for customers in this current scenario. UV-C is a popular disinfection lighting due to its disinfection capability and can add a layer of protection against Viruses, Bacteria, and Germs. UV-C damages the viruses and makes them incapable of reproduction. This technology is known as UV-C disinfection.

Power of UV-C Technology

The UV-C technology had a massive shift in 2020 when people started to focus more on disinfecting their spaces. UV-C is one part of ultraviolet radiation along with UV-A and UV-B. Now UV-C is dominating over traditional disinfection systems. UV-C Disinfection products are quick, efficient, and incredibly powerful.

UV-C lighting systems have proved their efficacy to deactivate microorganisms, including bacteria, molds, and viruses. Virus Armor’s UV-C disinfection technology has new and enhanced air, surface, and water disinfection solutions.

Innovations in UV-C Disinfection

Virus Armor has a wide range of specialized UV-C disinfection systems for air, water, and surface disinfection. UV-C fixtures can be mounted on the ceiling or walls to disinfect air through UV-C technology. This UV-C disinfection product is ideal for businesses, commercial spaces, homes, and many other applications.

Another way to help ensure proper disinfection in various applications is through Virus Armor’s portable UV-C disinfection systems that can be controlled automatically or manually when there are no people in the disinfection space. People should not be exposed to UV-C lighting systems as it’s harmful to the skin and eyes.

UV-C Disinfection Technology for the Future

According to the various reports from Forrester, businesses should focus more on the safety of their customers from the spread of viruses by properly taking necessary measures to carry out disinfection. UV-C disinfection products from Virus Armor can help you utilize UV-C technology for effective disinfection.

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